About us

La dernière phrase. Hommage à Hélène Cixous.

Œuvre de Tarek Benaoum pour l’institut des cultures d’Islam au 19 rue Léon


About us


The Institut des Cultures d’Islam is a cultural establishment under the aegis of the Paris City Council. Based in the Goutte d’Or, a working class neighbourhood in the north of Paris, it is a contemporary art centre, live music venue and a place for dialogue and learning.

Each year, the ICI organises exhibitions, concerts, conferences, literary cafes, screenings/ debates, cultural activities, Arab, Wolof, calligraphy, singing and cooking classes…

The diverse public, mainly from Paris and the surrounding suburbs, come to discover new art, and to hear academics and specialists in Islamic culture. The ICI also caters to the younger members of the community through:

Artistic and cultural workshops, live shows, special cinema screenings, and curated tours of exhibitions for children, families, schools and after-school centres.

The activities of the ICI are shared between two buildings, both of which have exhibition spaces and classrooms. The location on rue Léon also has a patio, an open-air stage and a restaurant (La Table Ouverte) while the rue Stephenson has a Hamman.

There is also a prayer room on the first floor of the rue Stephenson building. The prayer room is unprecedented and is in line with the 1905 law concerning the separation of church and state.

Board of Management

The ICI has the status of association and as such has a Board of Management.

The Board members:

  • President: Bariza Khiari
  • Vice-Présidente: Nacira Guénif-Souilamas
  • Secretary: Naïl Bouricha
  • Treasurer: Khaled Abichou

Representants of the City of Paris, 18th district and Department of Paris :

  • The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo or her representative
  • The Mayor of the 18th district, Eric Lejoindre or his representative
  • A representative from the Department of Paris: Daniel Vaillant
  • Four representatives from the Ville de Paris: Ian Brossat, Pierre-Yves Bournazel, Pascal Julien and Fadila Mehal

Two Institutions:

  • L’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, represented by its President, Hubert Bost, or his representative
  • Le Musée du Louvre, represented by Yannick Lintz, Head of Arts of Islam department directrice du département des arts de l’Islam

And three qualified personalities:

  • Sarah Clément, General delegate of Génériques
  • Souhayr Belhassen, Honorary President of FIDH
  • Diane Dufour, Director of BAL


The Team

  • Stéphanie Chazalon, General Manager
  • Bérénice Saliou, Artistic Director
  • Bénédicte Villain, Assistant Manager
  • Emeric Descroix, Head of communication
  • Taous Guerchouh, Development coordinator
  • Emma Crayssac, Head of Production
  • Myriam Kabladj : Production and Mediation coordinator
  • Sonia Kessiti, Head of mediation and public relations
  • Younes Rezzouki, Mediation and public relations coordinator
  • Mohamed Tagri, Receptionist
  • Fodé Minte, Receptionist
  • Rachid Bouih, Technic Director
  • Romain Perrot, Stage manager