Place of gathering

Discover artworks, watch artists creating their work, get to know the Goutte d’Or, drink a mint tea, listen to musicians, read a book, watch a movie, chat with someone, have lunch in the sun with a friend… There is always something new to do at the ICI!

Contemporary Art Center

The Institut des Cultures d’Islam is a contemporary art center dedicated to the cultures of Islam. At the ICI, the audacity of art and the uncompromising vision of contemporary artists are understood as powerful means of enlightenment, tools to build and transmit a new appreciation of these cultures — whose heritage, great figures, traditions and artistic vitality remain widely overlooked in France and in the world.


Open stage

Open to all mediums, the ICI hosts nearly a hundred events each year: concerts, performances, roundtables, screenings, workshops for youths, etc. The program is exciting and plentiful to best convey the immense diversity of Islamic cultures.


Place of Learning

The ICI offers linguistic and artistic training courses accessible to beginners as well as advanced students. Courses run from October to June and are taught by experienced teachers.


— Tea room

Discover lovely flavors and a place to meet in the heart of the Goutte d’Or. The Restaurant & Tearoom, La Table Ouverte, boasts one of the capital’s few open-air patios. The ICI Restaurant & Tearoom is open Tuesday to Sunday at ICI Léon. Serving a cuisine that mixes traditional French cooking with Mediterranean influences, the menu includes true classics as well as remastered recipes, and the food is always served with an unparalleled sense of hospitality.

— boutique

ICI Léon’s boutique offers a selection of books related to current and past exhibitions. Posters, bags, honey jars and objects from local designers accompany the selection of books


The ICI’s hammam takes you on a sensory journey into the heart of Islamic cultures. Currently closed for renovation, the hammam will reopen in the summer of 2022. Until then it is being used as an exhibition space, offering a striking environment in which to discover the exhibited artworks and dive into the unique worlds of the selected artists.

Prayer Room

The ICI Stephenson has a legally and financially independent prayer room on the second floor. It is managed by the Grande Mosquée de Paris (Grand Mosque of Paris), in accordance with the Law of 1905 (French Law on the Separation of the Churches and the State).


ICI & The Goutte d’Or

The ICI organizes thematic visits of the Goutte d’Or neighborhood, in order to contribute to the promotion of its dynamism and richness, by highlighting its hospitality, its cultural diversity, its food shops and its crafts.