Beliefs : Unraveling the Invisible

12.03.20 > 27.12.20
ICI Léon

From March 12th to July 16th, 2020, the Institut des Cultures d’Islam will present an exhibition entitled Beliefs: Unraveling the Invisible, curated by Jeanne Mercier, co-founder of the Afrique in Visu’ platform.

Works by sixteen photographic and video artists will explore the evocative power of the religions, superstitions, and myths of the African continent, acknowledged as a place of experimentation, shifts, frictions and negotiations.

Tchamba, 2017 © Nicola Lo Calzo

Far from a stereotypical panorama and accounts, the artists will approach the issue of ‘believing’ and its conventions, practices, and representations from a poetic, critical, and original perspective.

Their works create a dialogue between reality and fiction, illustrating shifting beliefs, and anticipating their future developments. 

Premium Connect, 2017 © Tabita Rezaire

The exhibition will initially immerse visitors in the world of trances. Its ‘vibrations’ are perceptible in Bruno Hadjih’s photographs on the practice of the wird in Sufi mysticism in Algeria, while Léonard Pongo’s video explores the ceremonies practised by evangelical churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

MK, 2016 © Maïmouna Guerresi

« Aisha in Wonderland is a project where I tell my vision of cultural and spiritual mixing. Through her strong spiritual identity, the female figure dissolves the existing distinctions between the sexes, leaving aside the stereotypes linked to Islam. »

Maïmouna Guerresi, guest artist
Playing Slowly, série Tatsuniya, 2017 © Rahima Gambo

« Poetic, critical or offbeat, the works are inspired by the evocative power of these beliefs and all that they entail in practices, conventions and representations.  »

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Artists : Nabil BOUTROS, Samuel FOSSO, Rahima GAMBO, Maïmouna GUERRESI, Eric GUGLIELMI, Bruno HADJIH, Bénédicte KURZEN & Sanne DE WILDE, Mohammed LAOULI, Nicolas LO CALZO, Giya MAKONDO WILLS, Josèfa NTJAM, Léonard PONGO, Btihal REMLI, Tabita REZAIRE, Seumboy VRAINOM : €

Curator: Jeanne MERCIER

Executive Director : Stéphanie CHAZALON

Artistic Director : Bérénice SALIOU

Research and Scientific Committee : Anne BOCANDÉ, Ayda BOUANGA, Marie-Cécile ZINSOU

With the support of
ICI Léon
19, rue Léon — 75018 Paris

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